The main idea of Stackenlichten is to perform retro pixel animations on RGB LEDs, that can be nicely arranges. In order to hve a specific architecture, the LED cases are in shapes of triangles, that can be attached to each other using their two magnets on each side.


I first started this project without having trixel in mind, but just to work on something with LEDs. Since I am not the best low-tech nerd, I wanted something, where I could already adress the pixel from within a high level programming language. I endet up using fadecandy boards, since they can be addressed using Python but also (maybe later on) from JavaScript. During the first year, 2016, I built a rectangular grid (similar to todays 8cm width, height and depth of each cell). that was steady and not easy to transport.

So I sat down with k4sp4r at the 33c3 and we came up with the idea of using triangular pixels, which I now know are called trixel. Furthermore we introduced a modular system by providing a box for each trixel with magnets, 2 on each side, for the trixel to be stacked together. Besides the organized way, thats there the name Stackenlichten.